Allweiler hot oil pump NTT32 - 200


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Volute Casing Centrifugal Pumps PN 16 for Heat Transfer Oils up to 350°C

Application For handling organic heat-transfer oils in heat transfer plants (DIN 4754). The fluids pumped must not contain any abrasive particles nor chemically attack the pump materials. Main Fields of application Chemical and pharmaceutical industry: Heating and drying plants, stirring apparatuses, autoclaves, reaction tanks, in plants for the production of synthetic fibres, plastics, lacquer raw materials, in mixing and storage facilities for viscous media. Food industry: Heating of baking and roasting ovens, plants for the production of fatty acids, edible oils, glycerine, dry pastes. Textile, leather and paper industry: Heating of calendars, drying chambers, rolls, drying cylinders. Rubber and plastic industry: Heating of presses, automatic injection, moulding machines, calendars, fusion kettles. Paint and lacquer industry: Heating of agitators and mixing vessels. Tar and bitumen-processing industry: Heating of storage tanks, tankers, for heating up heavy oil, in asphalt processing and roofing-felt production. Mineral-oil industry: Heating of transportation means, pipes and storage installations, for pre-heating of oils, in the bitumen production. Laundries: Heating of dryers, hot mangles, automatic ironing machines. Additionally, for the most varied fields of application in the metal-working industry, electrical-engineering industry, wood industry, building industry. Type and series construction Horizontal, single- and two-stage, single-flow volute casing centrifugal pumps with axial inlet. The pump dimensions are according to DIN EN 733. The series contains additional sizes with dimensions exceeding to the standard. Series design according to unit assembly system. Shaft bearing in a bearing bracket equipped with a support foot. Volute casing with cast-on feet. Sizes NTT 2/25-200/01, 2/32-200/01, 2/40-200/01 and 2/50- 200/01 are double-stage, but in their outer dimensions, they correspond to the respective single-stage sizes. Owing to the two-stage design, relatively small delivery flows are achieved with the great delivery heads, good efficiencies and low NPSH values. Branch position/Flanges Suction branch: axial Delivery branch: radially upwards Flanges: according to EN 1092-2, PN16 Delivery With the sizes according to DIN EN 733, the delivery considerably exceeds the standard nominal capacity. With further sizes, the performance range was extended in both directions, viz greater and smaller deliveries, for the economic operation of smaller heat-transfer plants. Shaft sealing By means of uncooled, maintenance-free mechanical seal of the unbalanced type. A safety stuffing box with a following throttling area is arranged in front of the mechanical seal. Even in case of failure of the mechanical seal, these additional safety elements prevent seepage from the emerging in a hazardous quantity and manner. The requirements according to DIN 4754 are thus exceeded. It is ensured that any heat-transfer seepages emerging from the shaft sealing are safely drained through leakage outlet LO, and completely collected. Owing to a special design of the built-in unit, the temperature is reduced to such an extent that proper functioning of the bearing and shaft sealing is ensured. Shaft sealing Abbreviation Material design Material key DIN EN 12 756 Rotating seal ring Hard carbon, antimony impregnated A Stationary seal ring SSiC, silicon carbide Q O-ring Caoutchouc fluoride (FPM) V Spring CrNiMo steel G U5A Other construction parts CrNiMo steel G Performance data Q up to 1450 m3 /h ps up to 7 bar H up to 155 m pd 16 bar ! t up to 350 °C

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