Corning EDGE-CP72-UI


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Product Description


Pretium EDGE AO Panels are a pass-through patch panel with a single row of MTP adapters. The link’s backbone trunks connect at the rear of the adapters; then a conversion harness is used at the front of the adapters to connect to electronics and maintain 100 percent trunk fiber utilization within the link.

Pretium EDGE AO Panels are available with six 12-fiber MTP adapters. Each panel features translucent shuttered adapters with translucent shuttered MTP reversible adapters at the front of the panel.


  • Conversion modules and harnesses transition connectivity from 12 to 8 fibers
  • Ensures 100 percent utilization of trunks at 40 and 100G
  • MTP assemblies with reduced footprint and cable outside diameter
  • Reduced congestion in high-connectivity environment
  • Conversion modules and harnesses offer the industry’s best rack density for parallel optics
  • 72 MTP ports per 1U enables higher revenue generation per rack unit
  • Reversible MTP adapters allow on-site polarity changes
  • Reduced risk of installation delays or errors during commissioning of new devices
  • Port tap modules integrate network monitoring into the structured cabling
  • No additional rack space required for tap devices; eliminates downtime associated with port tap changes
  • Utilizes existing Pretium EDGE solutions hardware and backbone cabling
  • Higher return on investment and reduced capitalization and installation costs
  • Corning ClearCurve fiber-enabled components create smaller form factor, more rugged cabling
  • Reduced congestion within and between racks for improved airflow; less risk of downtime due to pinched or bent cables

Specification Description

AO Panel
Product Type: Panels And Modules
Fiber Category: 50 um Multimode (OM3/OM4)
Fiber Count: 72
Number Of Adapters Per Panel: 6
Adapter Type: Shuttered MTP (Front), MTP (Back)
Adapter Color: Aqua (Front), Aqua (Back)
Connector Type: MTP
Adapter Housing Color: Aqua
Dimension: 12 mm x 90 mm x 144.3 mm

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