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Pretium EDGE Solutions Module, 12 fiber, LC Duplex to MTP Connector, Bend-improved Single-mode (OS2)

Pretium EDGE Solutions modules are used to break out the 12-fiber MTP Connectors terminated on trunk cables into LC connectors to facilitate patching into system equipment ports or patch panels. The 12-fiber module features LC port adapters across the front and an MTP connector adapter in the back. A factory-terminated and -tested optical fiber assembly inside the module connects the front adapters to the back MTP connector adapter.
Pretium EDGE Solutions modules are housed at the front of the housing and may be installed or removed from either the front or rear. This feature results in faster installation by allowing a technician to strain-relieve the trunk, route trunk legs, plug the MTP connector into the module and install the module into the housing all from one side of the cabinet row. The modular design allows for a pay-as-you-grow approach to network installation. The module features an LC shuttered adapter, so there is no need for dust caps that can be lost. Unlike other shuttered adapters on the market, this adapter is VFL compatible. The innovative design diffuses the red VFL light, allowing easy visualization of port identification without needing to manually open each shutter. This revolutionary inward opening design also allows for a single-hand LC duplex operation, while its concave shutter door ensures there is no contact with the connector end face during installation.
The use of Pretium EDGE Solutions modules in the data center offers the advantage of greater manageability and flexibility with a modular infrastructure. As future connectivity requirements change, modules can be easily exchanged to meet those needs, while leaving the existing trunk cable infrastructure in place. The MTP connector backplane allows for future upgradeability to parallel optics. Pretium EDGE Solutions modules are packaged in an easy-open plastic container to facilitate bulk packaging for reduced waste during data center installation.


Connector Type LC - MPO
Fiber Type OS2
Number of Fibers 12 FIBER



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Adaptor Connector No
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